Grand Canyon National Park Non-Commercial River Trips General Information

Here is a PDF of the Permit Application sent to me by the GCNP River Permit Office

This one is the Regulations included with the application

THE PERMIT! and other info

More stuff from NPS received March 30

Canyon REO

We have hired Canyon REO to do the meals, the groover, rent us one big stove, two boats, and do the shuttle

This is all the Misc Paperwork sent to me by Canyon REO

Canyon REO sent a Menu Planner and we have decided to go with their REO Favorite sample menu and the munchie box

And lastly they sent their Leader Handbook please read thru and give me your input!


These are the key dates for the trip:


To Be Completed By

January 15

Send $500 to Andy All Participants DONE!

January 15

Pre trip Survey to Patsy All Participants DONE!
March 16 Permit Application must be received by GCNP Permit Office Patsy ----- DONE!!

March 16

$100 per person must be received by GCNP Permit Office Patsy ------DONE!!

March 16

Menu Planner to Canyon REO Patsy ------DONE!!

April 15

50% Payment to Canyon REO

Andy ------DONE!!

April 15

Rafts Configuration Forms to Canyon REO Vance------DONE!!

April 15

Logistics Questionnaire to Canyon REO Patsy------DONE!!

April 15

Shuttle Vehicle List to Canyon REO Patsy------DONE!!

April 15

REO Equipment Reservation to Canyon REO Vance---- -DONE!!
April 30 Complete Medical Form All Participants

May 15

Final Number of People to Canyon REO Patsy

May 15

Final Menu Revisions to Canyon REO Patsy

May 15

Food Extra Selections to Canyon REO Patsy

May 15

Vehicle Registration Forms and Tagged Keys to Canyon REO All Drivers

May 25

Final Participants Payments Due to Andy All Participants

June 13

Final Payment Due Canyon REO Andy
June 13 Meet at the Lee's Ferry Put In to Rig All Participants

June 13

Meet at Vermillion Cliffs no host dinner All Participants
June 13 Breakfast at Marble Canyon Lodge All Participants

June 14

9 AM Ranger Talk Prior to Launch All Participants

July 1

Take Out Diamond Creek, Arizona All Participants

August 1

$1000 Deposit Refund from Canyon REO Patsy

August 15

Send Deposit Refunds to Participants Andy


The expenses will all be shared equally on a per diem basis with the exception of:

The following expenses will be shared:

If you know of any other group expenses that should be included please let me know as soon as possible. A complete accounting will be available to anyone who so desires.

Personal Gear

Don't forget to bring:


Coffee Cup
Water Bottle


1 bottle of Pain revilers (Advil, Tylenol, 222’s whatever you normally use),
1 box of Pepto-Bismol (tabs) or whatever you prefer to take for upset stomachs and rot-gut
1 box of Imodium tabs (anti-diarrhea) in case of amebic–dysentery, Cryptosporidium and/or Giardi, or the old Tijuana 2-step…
1 large pad of mole-skin (foot blisters)
A medium tube or can of tiger balm, Ben gay, deep-heat (for your sore muscles)
Any personal Prescription medications that you will need…

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