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Camps & Canyons

Finally an itinerary we can all agree on! Camp Schedule. We will keep this flexible as we may lose a camp to another group or we may want to skip a camp and put in a layover day. If you view the original worksheet in excel you can see the more detailed description of the hikes and all the camps are visible: 2006 Trip Worksheet this sheet also includes pages for the group gear storage, the camp duties, the survey, and the REO Invoice if you are interested.

Vance's newest suggested itinerary Vance Camps May 4 Version

Dave's past two trips itineraries: Grand Canyon 2005 Camp Schedule and 2001 Trip

Vance's suggested itinerary

Andy's suggestions: Scenario 1 & Scenario 2

Dave's suggested duty list


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area map map
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Here are a couple of PDF files showing camps & rapids

Grand Canyon Camps

Grand Canyon Camps & Rapids
A narrative by Vance on camps in 1988 VB 1988 Camps
Photos of some camps GC Campsite Photos
More on campsites NPS Recognized Campsites
And a web site describing the geology Colorado River Geology
GCNP weather weather.com
USGS river flow link Colorado River at Lees Ferry






In the News


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Rafting the Colorado
New Grand Canyon Plan
Humpback Chub
Havasu Canyon
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