Doug Bacheldor

Bach rafted with Dale since he was in high school in Colorado. Doug will be hiking in at Phantom Ranch joining Bob on a Canyon REO raft.

email Doug


Vance Bristow

Vance has been running rivers with Dale since 1987 including 5 trips down the Grand Canyon. Vance is busy putting together the water filtration system and working closely with Canyon REO on the raft configurations and gear stowage.

email Vance


Denise Capretta

Denise has been down the Grand Canyon with Vance many times...even before Patsy! Denise has agreed to modify Vance's kitchen to fit the REO meals and keep a watch over it.

Sadly, Denise passed in 2017


John Cavanaugh

DV's ever competitive racquetball partner and friend with many and miles of offshore sailing experience ... just a couple of the reasons Dale insisted that John MUST do this trip. John will be working with Bob on trash consolidation and can crushing.

email John


Mike Christner

Commercial rafting as a youngster and Outward Bound with Dale in the early 90's Mike will be putting together our major first aid kit and is the author of the infamous Hey Dale email.

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Seth Constable

Seth has done some rafting, lots of sailing and has been looking forward to this trip for years. Seth will be our groover executive.

email Seth thru Leslie

John E

John Egenberger

Leslie's brother John lives in Jackson and is our token kayaker. John is proving to be a typical kayaker as he has not sent me photos (thanks Jess) and doesn't even have email!

email John through Jessica

Leslie Egenberger

Leslie is from Portland and has loads of sailing experience all over the Northwest. Leslie will be keeping a watch on the Canyon REO food boxes and our daily menus.

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Dave Ellerstein

Dave did the canyon with John E in 2005 and his web site shows he is quite the sportsman. Dave will be hiking out at Phantom and Doug will be taking his raft the rest of the way.

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Jen Flores

Jen is very excited about doing the trip with her husband Matt on the new cataraft. Jen has done some kayaking and some rafting.

email Jen


Matt Flores

Matt joined Dale on 3 very cold trips down Ladore. Matt has a new boat and hopefully will be putting together a movie of our trip.

email Matt

Tim Horne

Tim is back! He managed to make it work and will be joining us after all. Tim guided river trips in his youth as a "bad ass kid" commercial and will be rowing his new "very used" self bailer.

email Tim


Kathy Kershner

Not going on the trip but an important member of the group Kathy grew up near the Grand Canyon, has family in Flagstaff, and has agreed to be our emergency contact. We will call Kathy from Phantom Ranch June 21 so if you need to get a message to one of us feel free to contact Kathy 503-307-0796.

email Kathy


Eric Kleinwachter

Eric rafted with Dale on his last trips down Ladore. Many an evening were spent around the fire listening to stories of past Grand trips. Eric will be in charge of the Sat Phone which we hope we will not need.

email Eric

Bob Martin

Bob got hooked on the Grand Canyon after a commercial trip. He has been talking with Dale about this trip ever since.

email Bob thru his sister


Jessica Mosier

The last member of the group to join is John's girlfriend Jessica. With only one week to pack! Jessica will be hiking out at Phantom with John C and Dave.

email Jessica


Rick Penner

Never on the Grand Canyon but too many river trips to count including a stint with Outward Bound. Rafting with Dale since high school he is the proud heir of DV's raft I think you will agree he needed an upgrade!


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Andy Thaler

Andy will unfortunately not be able to join us on the river but he has agreed to act as our Treasurer. Thanks Andy!

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Doug Thomas

Doug is originally from Missoula, has run rivers throughout the west and has spent many years in Jackson as a whitewater rafting guide. Doug will be hiking in at Phantom Ranch replacing Dave.

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Patsy Verhoeven

3 Trips down the Grand with DV. Always a passenger (except one lame attempt at kayaking). Patsy has the permit and will be attempting to coordinate everyone.

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