December 11, 2008

Watch for Rocks Woo Hoo Quiet Time Good View DV and Kimball Lunch Stop

Welcome to the 2006 DV Memorial Grand Canyon web site. Be sure to click to enlarge photos or sometimes roll over to see another image. There is way more information than you will ever want to know here so if you are too busy just click on this "Quick & Easy" link.

The most important thing is that we all have a great time and experience Dale's favorite place on earth.




Changes made:

December 15 - added Mo's tribute to DV on the DV page

February - I keep adding things to the in the news links at the bottom of the river page

March - Site moved to

March - added the "Weather Channel" box above and the "Rafting News" box to the River page (scroll down to the news section)

March - Added Celeste, Matt, Eric and Leslie to the People page
................ Added Mo's run down Lava to the DV page
................ Added Vance and Andy's suggested itineraries to the top of the River page

March 26 - Added Dave's suggested River Duties
................ Added the permit and other info from GCNP
................ Added Dave and John (not much on him yet!) to People page

April 18 - Added more info from NPS to the Preparation Page
...............Added notes from Patsy's trip to Colorado to the bottom of the Preparation Page
...............Added the Medical Questionnaire to the Preparation Page

May 1 - Added Doug and Jen to the People page

May 2 - Removed Jack Fawcett :( from the People page

May 4 - Added Vance's latest camp scenario to the River page
............Added a picture of Doug to the People page, and
............Added the lists of camps from Dave and John's previous two trips down the canyon to the River page

May 22 - Added the Camp Schedule and the Camp Worksheet to the River page

May 30 - Added TIM! to the People page and Kathy as our our emergency contact.
............Also changed the Camp Worksheet to the 2006 Trip Worksheet
............this sheet also includes pages for the group gear storage,
........... the camp duties, the survey, and the REO Invoice.

June 2 - Added Doug Bacheldor :) to the People page

June 5 - Added Jessica Mosier to the People page








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