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Part 2 - The Baja Ha Ha and on to La Paz, Mexico

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Baja Ha Ha

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November 13

24 09.37
110 19.61

The current through the channel and up to La Paz can run up to 6 knots and the tide predictions are not always correct. We left before dawn and had no problem getting to La Paz by early afternoon. Along the way dolphins escorted us for a while... yes we are still working on our dolphin shots! Patsy and Talion are now docked at Marina de La Paz in their new home.
They are so entertaining
We made it!

November 12

24 46.67
112 15.10

Another hot day with a break for Leslie hanging from the boom in the bosens chair. This night we stayed in our favorite stop. A big beautiful bay called Los Muertos. Seth and Leslie are ready to buy property and relocate!

Great fun and very refreshing!

Carolyn, Leslie, Seth and Patsy

Brand new restaurant

Beautiful spot
Easy landing compared to Bahia Santa Maria

Large bay with reefs for snorkeling

November 11

23 21.90
109 25.37

Said goodbye to Cabo with Seth and his wife Leslie Constable, Carolyn and Patsy on a very hot afternoon. There is so much new developement along this stretch but still plenty of open spaces and little coves. We arrived in Bahia Frailies a little later than we had planned but had no problems anchoring after dark in this huge bay with about 30 other cruisers that were with us on the Baja Ha Ha.

Bye Cabo!

Lots of developement all the way around to La Paz

The famous shot of the rocks at Cabo San Lucas

Bahia Frailes

November 10

In Cabo we were greeted by Denise, Paul and Andrea Ogier, Rod Buck, Leslie Egenberger and had a suprise visit from friends Mike and Nancy Horner. The Baja Ha Ha festivities continued with a party at Squid Roe, a beach party, and finally the awards on Saturday night. Talion was a hit at the awards. We won our class and received a special award (that nice hat) for being the only female skipper to have sailed the whole way. The glasses John brought for us were a special hit.

Nana and Andie try out the glasses

John dancing onthe table at Squid Roe

Nice award

Out to dinner after the awards

November 8

22 52.85
109 54.56

The outside temperature gets warmer and warmer with each leg. We were in shorts and t-shirts all night for the third leg and needed to put up the bimini during the day for shade from the blazing sun. A warm and sunny spinnaker run with whales, rays and seals while surrounded with the other boats. We are now in Cabo San Lucas and leaving for La Paz on Sunday.

The boys on watch

Always another boat in sight

Relaxing in the cockpit

John enjoys the last Tecate while rounding the cape

November 4

24 46.67
112 15.10

We had a bit of a late start for leg two but hung in there throughout the whole leg despite the lack of wind. Bahia Santa Maria is a beautiful bay with a little mangrove covered river running into it. It was incredibly windy with huge swell so most people chose to take the 3 water taxi's in rather than tempt fate in their dinghy. Unfortunately due to the overwhelming amount of people needing a ride it got too dark to negotiate the passage out to the boats. 72 people ended up sleeping on the beach or in chairs in one big room. Six of those people were the crew of Talion! We had varying degrees of success coping with the lack of sleeping facilities and the cold but arrived back at the boat by 7 am and ready for the start of leg three.

The surf was huge in Santa Maria

We met lots of new friends.

The water taxi's were very busy

A beautiful bay

Some of these lucky people got to go home that night

A scary ride!

What a place!

John, Glenn and Kent Sisk

Keeping warm around the fire that night

October 31


27 41.00
114 53.00

Leg one was a wonderful sail. Unfortunately John caught the flu and was down for most of the leg but we still persevered and managed to sail with a combination of spinnakers, the gennaker and the headsail. It is incredible sailing off this coast with over 150 boats. Always another sailboat in sight. Just after the finish we were screaming along at 8.5 knots and came upon a pod of blue whales. We tried to stop and turn the boat to avoid them but lucky for us they dove under the boat. In Turtle Bay we wandered a bit through the town, went to the awesome fleet beach party, and that evening some of the Talion crew and other crews joined the locals at a true Mexican wrestling match. Kent and Seth jumped into the ring and entertained everyone.

Getting ready to start

Relax John!

Turtle Bay

Kent, Seth and Glenn

Our shirts for the costume party

Nice photo Seth


Kent jumps from the ropes
Competitive Seth

Poor John was so sick!

Star wrestler Seth

The wrestlers

October 29

The Baja Ha Ha Cruisers Rally starts this morning with over 175 boats entered and over 600 people. Talion's crew consists of Patsy, Glenn and Carolyn as well as John Cavanaugh, Jill Hansen and Seth Constable. Yesterday we had the opportunity to meet a lot of the other people in the event at the kickoff party. Lots of fun! Our first stop is 330 nautical miles down the coast at a very small town called Turtle Bay. We should arrive Wednesday, October 31 so if they have internet capabilities you will see an update. The next stop is Bahia Santa Maria which is 230 nm from Turtle Bay. The bay has no facilities so you won't see anything until we sail another 175 nm and arrive in Cabo San Lucas around November 8. The smoke was so thick it was almost dark out and each morning there was a layer of soot on the deck.

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