Excerpts from Talion's Log

Part 1 - The Pacific Coast

October 23

We have been working hard at getting the boat ready for the Baja Ha Ha. The food alone is a huge undertaking as we need to provision for 11 days for 7 people - that's 232 meals! A visit from Carolyn's brother Bob prompted a welcome break from our work and an afternoon sail through the smoke and soot in the San Diego Harbor from the numerous wildfires inland. The smoke was so thick it was almost dark out and each morning there was a layer of soot on the deck.

October 15-18

Patsy took a break, left Glenn and Carolyn on the boat for a few days and headed for Disneyland with Denise and Andrea. We met up with Dawn (Eudaly) Surber and her darling baby daughter Jordan. It is great entertainment to watch the fearless 4 year-old on the roller coasters!


The group shot. Minnie looks a little tired!

Check out how much hair she has now!

Hands up!
Jordan and Dawn

Bedtime story after a long day

Oct 14

Patsy's daughter Denise and Granddaughter Andrea arrived, Glenn took off for a few days to the Oregon State Football Game (GO BEAVS!), Denise's husband Paul arrived... we have been a busy boat. This afternoon we set sail through San Diego Bay with Patsy's nephew Dan Newell, his wife Theresa and kids Emily, Maddy and Keelynn. Dan is in the Navy and he and his family were just transferred here from Hawaii.

Dan and Maddy

Theresa and Paul relaxing under the bimini

Theresa, Kiki, and Emily on the foredeck

Maddy in Patsy's favorite spot

October 8

33 43.59
117 12.00

Absolutely no wind and a flat ocean for our motor across the Gulf of Santa Catalina to San Diego where we have moorage at Cabrillo Isle Marina on Harbor Island until the start of the Baja Ha Ha on October 29.
Sunny San Diego!
Our slip in the marina

October 7

33 20.80
118 19.45

It was a lazy morning recuperating from the evenings grog and dancing. We were surprised to see friends Kent and Heather Sisk on Hiatus a sailboat from Portland on a mooring buoy right in front of ours! That afternoon we motored & sailed around the southern end of the island to the more populated city of Avalon.
The casino (it's really a theater and concert hall)
We think Avalon looks like a European harbor

October 6

33 25.60
118 30.57

Motor sailed across the San Pedro Channel with plans to stay at Isthmus Cove on the north side of Catalina Island. It was completely full so we quickly motored around to a harbor across the isthmus. That evening it became clear why the first harbor was so full. We walked across to the Buccaneer Days celebration complete with pirate costumes, music and grog.
Beautiful rock formations on the south side of Catalina Island
The two anchorages are across a 1 mile isthmus

October 5

38 58.58
118 26.80

A sunny and beautiful trip down the coast to with a course very close to the coast to gawk at the homes in Malibu. Out to dinner and an LA tour with Carolyn's brother Philip was our Marina Del Rey highlight. The wind blew 40 knots the next day. This is the Santa Monica Pier.

Phillip, Glenn, Carolyn & Patsy


October 1

34 01.73
119 40.50

A great sunny morning sail across to Ventura Harbor with a close look at "Gail" one of numerous offshore oil rigs. The Ventura Yacht Club is very accommodating to visiting boaters. We get 3 nights here for free! Gail

We like Ventura Yacht Club!

Lots of dock, power, water, and a bus right at our door.

Sep 29-30


34 24.36
119 41.36

We motored across the Santa Barbara Channel to Santa Cruz Island and anchored in Prisoners' Harbor with 4 other boats entered in the upcoming Baja Ha Ha sailing regatta. In the morning we investigated Painted Cave, the largest marine cave in the world... we didn't have the nerve to explore very far. The next night we anchored at the far west wend of Santa Cruz Island in an anchorage called Smugglers' Cove.

Some great hiking from Prisoner's Harbor

As The Beard Grows

Dock where commercial trips drop their kayakers

Lots of swell inside the cave, dark, and scary!
Belshaw napping as we motor over to the cave

Clear blue water and lots of kelp, great diving!

Sept 28

34 24.36
119 41.36

Very calm seas and little wind for our rounding of Point Conception. Then a one night diversion to Santa Barbara. No reason... just had never been there! Finally in Southern California! Watch our dolphin movie! Quick stop in Santa Barbara.

Sep 26

The crew returns! Glenn and Carolyn arrived Wednesday after a long trip from Portland via train and car. Our plans are to leave on Thursday afternoon to round Point Conception and then spend a couple days in the Channel Islands before heading to Ventura and on to the LA area. They are back!

Sep 18-26

Patsy had a great time in Morro Bay with former Portlander's Sam and Fern Bickford, kayaking the wildlife refuge, dinners with new friends Manny & Lola from Morro Bay and Bruce and Angie from Desert Venture, exploring the town by bike, re-upholstering half the boat, meeting other boaters that stopped into Morro Bay on their way south, and tweaking the electronics with Sam... thanks Sam!

Amazing area that goes on for miles

Took this picture just before I got in trouble for harrasing the wildlife!

Morro Rock

Sea Otters are so cool
Manny, Lola, Patsy, Bruce & Angie

Lots of birds

Sep 16-17

35 21.78
120 51.17

Due to perfect weather conditions we cut the last day of the race short and said goodbye to San Francisco. After almost 3 weeks it was time! The run down the coast was uneventful with not a cloud in the sky, calm seas, and wind from the north at 15-20 knots for most of the trip. Arrived in Morro Bay and got Patsy and the boat all secure in time for Glenn to head back to Oregon for a week. Bye guys!

Sept 12

37 46.88
122 23.10

We moved “Talion” across the bay to South Harbor Marina right next to AT&T Field. We couldn't resist taking in a Giants game with friends Jennifer Roemer and Spencer Morris. The Big Boat Series was amazing. Unfortunately "Ocelot" didn't do any better than the Giants but we had a great time watching the racing from the 28' inflatable chase boat. Thanks Kevin & Shawna and “Ocelot” crew for the parties, dinners, and the entertainment!

Patsy, Glenn, Jennifer & Spencer

Not the high winds the bay racers are used to

Unfortunately Barry Bonds didn't play that night.

Who needs wind with weather like this!
Jeff Causy, Kevin Flanigan, and Campbell Rivers from Portland as well as other racers from around the globe

We bombed around all day in this boat. Didn't miss a mark rounding!

Sept 11

Met up with Kevin and the crew of "Ocelot" a 44' racer out of Portland built by Schooner Creek. They were preparing to compete in the Big Boat Series this weekend. I managed to sneak aboard for their practice day!
Final tweaking before the race in 2 days
Kevin's having a blast!

Sept 3-9

37 51.97
122 19.03

Patsy solo'd tied to the dock at Berkeley Yacht Club. The week was spent tackling the huge sail repair and biking throughout the town. The sail wouldn't fit tin the Yacht Club dining room! You can get an idea of size by the chairs in the background. I had to sew the bottom, up both sides, and recut and sew the top! Good thing I was alone. The living room looked like this for 3 days!

Sept 2

38 08.94
122 41.57

Investigating the town of Rio Vista we found Fosters Big Horn Bar with over 250 trophies on the walls. Yikes! The marina in Rio Vista was very tiny and anchorage in the area very shallow. We came to the conclusion that the Delta would best be seen in a 25 foot power boat.
Foster killed all these animals to show the townspeople - as a zoo. It was a different time in the 30's
Back to the Bay Area

Sept 1

38 02.69
122 09.40
Dwayne joined us for the Labor Day Weekend so we headed up the California Delta. Due to a complete disregard for the maximum wind the gennaker could withstand (and a craving for the taste of adrenalin) I regret to say we blew the sail to pieces just after this picture in 20 knots of wind. Patsy has some sewing to do! We spent the first night in a great little town called Benicia. Up The Delta

August 28

Richmond is an impressive harbor but we were told not to walk on the streets after dark. It was here we said goodbye to Carolyn for a few weeks. Getting further! Catching up on phone calls and emails Farewell

August 27

37 54.49
122 22.97

The Golden Gate Bridge is quite a sight even in the fog. Then it was just a quick sail across the bay to the sunshine at Richmond Yacht Club. Magnificent site Lots of commercial traffic from tugs to ships to tour boats around. Happy to be heading towards sunshine.

August 27


Mark of the Sebastopol duo joined us for the foggy trip from Bodega Bay to San Francisco. Staying in the Bodega channel is crucial! Mark Kahn Crowded channel in the fog.
This sailboat was aground the whole time we were there. We never did find out the story.

August 26


We met a couple guys in a bar in Sebastopol which evolved into dinner at their house. The next day... more wine tasting with Elisa! Mark and Cliff

Wine grapes

Elisa, Patsy and Carolyn at Rodney Strong Vineyard

August 25


We have spent almost a week in Bodega Bay. Rented a car, went wine tasting, sightseeing, visited Elisa Koski in Santa Rosa, met some great people and thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful country. Hop Kiln Winery

The Russian River at Jenner CA

View at Ironhorse Vineyards

"The Birds" was filmed at Bodega Bay. We watched it when mwe got here and any flock of birds made us nervous.
Rock formations north of Bodega Bay

Thanks Elisa for being our designated driver!

August 21

38 19.80
123 03.40

The wind picked up to 30 knots with gusts to 40 north of Bodega Bay. Great sail with lots of sun, whales and 8 foot seas. Arrived Bodega Bay, Spud Harbor Marina 5:30 pm.
It's hard to get a good picture of the wind!
We stayed dry thoughout!

August 20

40 26.46
124 31.19


Dwayne didn't have the time so we parted company again and at 2:30 am left Brookings in fog and 4 knots of wind headed for Bodega Bay. At 6 pm off Cape Mendocino the wind picked up to 10 knots from the stern. Finally we can shut off the engine and sail! The sea life was aplenty with whales, seals and a school of dolphins that Glenn attempted to capture with his camera. We are going to work on our dolphin shots :) Beautiful Day

Nice try

What a nice sail

Nice rainbow :)
This is usually a nasty Cape to get around.


August 19

4:30 am left Brookings. By 6:30 the wind was on the nose at 25 knots with gusts higher so we turned back as we would not make Eureka before dark. Another opportunity for dinner with Chuck & Lenna but we really need to get out of Brookings as the smell from our neighbor the "Miss Sarah" is overwhelming!

Patsy and Lenna enjoying a cocktail on the deck

August 17

Dwayne returned to our crew in Brookings. We were lucky to share great dinners at the home of Chuck and Lenna James. On the ocean with an almost private beach and a fabulous view!
Fresh Salmon!
What a location!

August 16

42 02.82
124 16.02

Arrived Brookings ahead of schedule despite the headwinds. Waited till daylight to enter the harbor. Boarded by Coast Guard for a safety inspection which we passed with flying colors.
Chetco River and Port of Brookings
View south from Chuck and Lenna's

August 15

Left Charleston at 3:30 pm headed south towards Cape Blanco. A very dark night with thick fog, mist, and fish boats. Wind 10 knots on the nose... again... so we motored... again!
A gray night

August 14

43 20.08
124 20.09

A quick afternoon motor down Coos Bay to the entrance and the marina at Charleston. Such a beautiful 2 mile trip complete with fabulous homes, tug boats, wildlife and sunshine!
Beautiful homes along the river
Charleston Marina

August 13

43 22.03
124 12.71

Passed Newport at midnight and decided not to enter in the dark. Beautiful night with meteor shower, clear sky, no wind and calm seas. Saw whales and dolphins in the morning. Arrived Coos Bay City Dock at noon.
Tug near the Coos Bay City Docks

August 12 Left Warrenton at 8 am headed for Newport. Wind is on the nose at about 5 knots, overcast, ocean is pretty flat. Great salmon hash and eggs cooked up by Glenny just after we crossed the bar.

August 9

46 10.00
123 55.70

Left Astoria with Cindi and Andy Newell, Cindi's mom Jean, Carolyn & Glenn for a quick motor to Warrenton Mooring Basin. We plan to stay in Warrenton for a couple nights to meet Glenn's fraternity brothers for some salmon fishing (and eating). It is also the Astoria Regatta weekend so we couldn't resist the "All American" small town parade. Thanks for the loan of the truck Cindi!

Cindy drove most of the way!

Jean and Andy

Chuck James and Glenn

Carolyn, Cindi, Jean and Andy at the parade

August 7 Dwayne parted our company, thanks Kathy for giving him a ride back to Portland. Plans are to remain in Astoria for a few days doing last minute repairs, provisioning, and stowing.
Great walking in Astoria
Brother Rick's tribute at the Astoria Fisherman's Memorial

August 6

46 11.39
123 51.75

24 mile motor to Astoria Oregon. Visited by Cindi & Andy Newell and friend Kelly. Kathy Kershner drove down from Portland.
Leaving Cathlamet
Checking Charlies Charts for ports along the way

August 5

46 12.40
123 23.23

After watching Jack and Bridget pull their anchors we set out for our 34 mile run day to Cathlamet, Washington. Once again the wind was on the nose so we motored the entire 4 hour trip.
Jack and Bridget
Leaving Martin Slough with "Runaway" in the background

August 4

45 56.80
122 47.56

Saturday morning "Talion" left the dock in Portland, Oregon with Dwayne Murray, Patsy Verhoeven, Carolyn Martin, and Glenn Belshaw headed down the Columbia River. Motored all the way for the four hour trip and spent the night in Martin Slough rafted to Jack and Bridget Fawcett on "Runaway".

Duane, Patsy, Carolyn, Glenn

Duane doing some deck work

At the dock in Astoria

Patsy and Carolyn

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