The Quonset Hut Permits

The Building Permit

Our architect met us at the county permit office in January of 2016 with all the necessary forms filled out to help us with the permitting process. Unfortunately the office is closed on Fridays. Patsy was due to fly back to the boat the next day so the permit got delayed. Then in March we took the boat to the South Pacific so further delays and delays on our part. Finally in January of 2017 we went to apply and they had changed their building code which required updates on many of the pages of the plans. The architect, structural engineer and the metal building company all had to be involved with updates. Finally March 29, 2017 Tim applied for the permit. Fingers are crossed that we get approved! Cost $2,135.
YAY! April 23 the building permit department called and we are approved. Now just need to pay more $$ and pick it up.

Bummer - the redesign of the foundation caused delays and the need to reapply for the permits. More time and more money.

The Driveway and Septic Permits

In 2016 the driveway and septic permits were granted but due to the sail to Tahiti delay they had expired so an easy renewal and we were ready to go. Driveway permit... $50, Septic $423. Sigh... renewed too soon. Now will need to renew for the summer of 2019.

The Well Permit

In January 2017 Allen Drilling & Excavating got us all set up with permit applications. First we sent $5 off to Greeley Water District for their approval and then the permit application plus $100 to the State of Colorado Division of Water Resources. It's took 2 months and we finally received the permit April 5, 2017. Estimate for well...

The Electric

It took some calling around but we figured out that our electric company is IREA. We sent off $100 to them for the design fee and after a phone call to the engineer it is all done. Cost for the electric... $8,159. Yikes!