The Quonset Hut Plans, Reports & Directions

The Plans & Reports

  • Download All Building Plans in Full Size Here

    • Architectural Design Plans
      A0.0       Cover
      A0.1       Notes
      A2.1       Floor Plan
      A4.1       Exterior Elevations
      A5.1       Sections
      Structural - Foundation - Framing
      S0           Cover & General Structural Notes
      S1           Foundation Plan
      S2           Foundation Details
      S3           Main Floor Plan
      S4           Loft Floor Plan
      S5           Roof Plan
      S6           Cross Section 1
      S7           Cross Section 2
      S8           General Structural Details 1-7
      S9           General Structural Details 99-103
      Site Plan – Driveway - Grading
      C0          Cover Sheet & Construction Notes
      C1          Overall Site Plan Driveway & Grading
      C2          Driveway & Grading Plan Detail
      C3          Erosion & Snow Storage Map
      C4          Site Construction Details
      C5          Erosion Control Specs & Details
      Steelmaster Building Plan
      R3          Drawing         

  • Small Site Plan
  • Soil Evaluation and Septic Redesign


The property is at 58 Wabun Way in Como, CO but Google Maps seems to prefer if you input Jefferson, CO for city.

From Highway 285 take Elkhorn Rd (Hwy 15), at the fire station take the left fork to Hwy 32 (Albino Rd./Hwy 687), go straight and stay on Hwy 32 for 4 miles as it winds along, enters Indian Mountain Subdivision, and Arrowhead Dr. merges from the right. Stay on Arrowhead Dr. until you turn right on Gitche Goone Ln. Wabun Way will be the first street on the left. The lot is at the end of cul-de-sac on the left.