The Quonset Hut - Contractors

The Architect

We met with several architects in 2015 and finally chose one with experience in quonset huts and experience designing homes in the Fairplay/Southpark area, Wayne Anderson in Littleton, CO. Cost $3,195.

The Metal Building Supplier

We shopped long and hard for a metal building manufacturer that offers a steel building in the quonset hut style. After weeding out many (as they do tend to exaggerate their capabilities) we found the only one that could build a hut at that elevation and to the snow load specifications required by Park County, Steelmaster Building Systems. They supplied the Drawing 1.1 and Drawing 1.2 Plans as well as a 130 page book of specifications. We are holding off on the delivery of the building components until the slab is poured. Cost $53,857

The Structural Engineer

Wayne (the Architect) worked with Paul Irwin of Ripple Design Studios for the Structural Engineering. Paul drew up the S1.0 Foundation Plan, S2.0 Level 2 Framing Plan, and the S3.0 Roof Framing Plan. Cost $1,200. Unfortunatly we had trouble finding someone to do the foundation for a reasonable amount of money as designed so modifications had to be made. Ripple Design dropped out but we are pretty sure we have found a new structural engineer.

The Surveyor's Site Plan

Wayne recommended for the A1.1 Site Plan. Cost $2,000

The Septic Design Report and Soils and Foundation Report

The Soils & Foundation Investigation Reoport and the Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Design (Septic Design) were done by CTL Thompson of Breckenridge. Cost $4,400

The Excavation, Driveway and Septic System

In January of 2016 we met several excavation and septic installation companies at the property. We both were taken with Ken at Cal's Trucking. Ken's grandfather Cal started the business in Fairplay and it has remained a family operation with Ken, his mom and grandfather. Estimated at $33,000

The Well

We were told there is virtually only one well digger in Fairplay so in January of 2017 we stopped into Allen Drilling & Excavating and talked with Jack and his daughter Kim. They got us all set up with permit applications. Apparently wells in the area are 400 feet deep. So the estimate for well is around $12,000.

The Foundation

This has been extremely difficult. Estimates for the foundation work as designed ran from $75,000 up to $140,000 mostly because of the cost of getting the equipment to the location. After picking up the permit Patsy stopped into the local foundation contractor Freelance Foundations in Fairplay. They were originally slated to to the foundation but did not have the capability to do a monolithic pour (one section of the foundation is designed to be poured the same time as the concrete slab floor). To make a long story short we have decided to go against our architect's wishes and change from one engineer to another to enable us to use Freelance Foundations for the foundation work. There will be some structural engineer design costs and the expense of changes to the building permit but with an estimate for foundation work between $20,000 - $30,000 it will be well worth it.

The Flatwork

Chris Benzie in Fairplay will do the flatwork (concrete slab floor).

The Rest of The Contractors

I am sure there will be many many more so check back.