Permit and Regulations

Grand Canyon National Park Non-Commercial River Trips General Information

Here is a link to the current Regulations

Each participant needs to view the River Trip Orientation Videos

Here is a copy of the Permit

Canyon REO

We have hired Canyon REO to do the meals, the groover, major first aid, sat phone, and the shuttle.

Here is the final invoice as of August 8 and what the share of expenses dollar figure was based on. These figures will be adjusted once all the bills are paid and deposits get back.

The 2013 Canyon REO Promo Booklet

A Boat Map to help in gear distribution planning

The Menu Planner has a lot of info. In 2006 we went with the REO Favorite Sample Menu and it was just fine. Because it will get dark early in August we are doing a daily cocktail/appetizer hour while dinner is being prepared and optional desserts available.

The menu is complete. This is how it will be as packed into the camp boxes each day and what the recipies willlook like. My fingers are crossed!

Items not included Things marked in yellow are either not included or the quantity has changed.

And lastly the 2013 Trip Leader Handbook On page 8 is a description of their new and used equipment sales. Apparently their prices are good. Feel free to contact them directly about this 800-637-4604.



These are the key dates for the trip as so far:

Date Task Comments? Done?
February 21, 2012 Application Fee $25 Done by Patsy
February 27, 2012 Permit Deposit $400 Done by Tim
February 22, 2013 $750 Deposit to Canyon REO Done by Patsy
April 22 $600 per person to The 2013 GC Bank account Done by all 11
April 22 Personal info from each participant for permit All done except 1
May 17 Draft participant list and app. to Permit Office Done 5/14
May 24 $100 per person received by Permit Office Done 5/15
June 20 50% payment due to Canyon REO Done 6/20
June 20 Menu planner to Canyon REO Done 6/20
June 20 Rafts configuration forms to Canyon REO Skipped this. Gave them our cooler sizes and the excuse that with 2 j-rigs we will get it all in :)
June 20 Logistics questionnaire to Canyon REO Later!
July 19 Final number of people to Canyon REO Done 7/30
July 19 Final menu revisions to Canyon REO There were none so... done
July 19 Food extra selections to Canyon REO Went for the gourmet coffee... done
July 19 Final participants payments to 2013 GC Account Half have paid as of Aug 8
August 13 Final payment due Canyon REO Done Aug 12
August 15 Vehicle forms to Canyon REO Done Aug 10
August 21 Meet at the Lee's Ferry put in to rig  
August 21 Meet at Vermillion Cliffs no host dinner  
August 22 Breakfast at Marble Canyon  
August 22 9 AM Ranger talk prior to AM launch  
August 29 Phantom Ranch  
September 6 Pass Diamond Creek  
September 8 Takeout Pearce Ferry  
October 8 Deposit refund from Canyon REO  
October 15 Send deposit refunds individuals  


The expenses will all be shared equally with the exception of:

The following expenses will be shared between 12:

The following expenses will be shared between 11:

Food charges and coolers, cans, crates and boxes (rental and cleaning) on the Canyon REO invoice will be shared between the 11 of us. Chip will be doing his food on his own. Food includes breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Most days we will have hors de oeuvres, with some light desserts.

If you know of any other group expenses that should be included please let us know as soon as possible.

Here's a current copy of the trip's financial Spreadsheet if my math is right it will be $900 per person including deposits.

Group Gear

Aiming for no surprises at the put-in! Here is a Group Gear List adapted from one Vance put together in 2006.

Personal Gear

Don't forget to bring your photo ID.

Coffee Cup
Water Bottles
Personal medication
The major first aid is for emergencies so don't forget your aspirin, ibuprofen, band aids, antacids, etc.
Booze & mixer
Fishing License?

Here is proof of Patsy's OCD... a letter to first-time rafter and sister 2013 Gear List for Sue

Here are some links to some of the many lists on the internet:

And finally the Grand Canyon WIKI a "peer-produced on-line guide to all aspects of planning, conducting and participating in a self-guided journey on the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park".


July 5: Big problem with our permit! The park service had an overwhelming number of requests for hybrid trips this year. After 2 weeks of communications Tim finally convinced them to allow our trip to go with one modification. If we want to take the two j-rigs we we have to do it with only 3 oar boats. So we dropped the rental raft. Then we had three people drop out. To comply with our permit we need to find some rafters at the last minute. We have a boat just need someone to row the canyon.

JULY 26: Found someone! Steve and Greggor found someone who will row his 16' Avon and bring a passenger. Whew! Now Tim is checking with the park Service to see if we will be OK with 11 people when we were permitted for 12. Almost there!

JULY 29: Bummer. The Park Service says our permit is for 12 people and there is no wiggle room. Sounds like Steve has someone they will take as a passenger on their boat though.

JULY 30: Everyday it's something new... The guy with the 16' Avon cannot do the trip. Now we are 3 people short! It looks like Rick Penner will step in and row Tim's Hyside raft but we are still short 2 passangers. So if you know anyone they can both ride with Rick or one with Rick and one on Steve and Greg's J-Rig. Find someone? Call Tim as it is first come first serve $900 per person.

JULY 31: YAY! Patsy's sailing girlfriend Niki will be joining us and bringing another girl. Neither have ever been rafting and they are very excited! So we met our numbers... now if Rick would call back...

AUGUST 1: We are a solid 12 and good to go! More females than we've ever seen on a Grand trip!

AUGUST 2: Check this out. The menu with duty roster... all in color and up to date.

AUGUST 5: Lost one more and Patsy is now completly out of contacts. Been through all the facebook friends too. Lucky for us sailing friend Jen just happened to be up from Mexico and in Californaia looking for something to do. She is in and will be taking Sue's husband Jon's spot. Now the people are:

J-Rig 1 = Tim, Patsy, Patsy's sister Sue, Patsy's girlfriend Shelly
J-Rig 2 = Steve and Greggor
16' Avon = Chip
16' Hyside = Curtis rowing Mike's boat with Patsy's girlfriend Jen
16' Hyside = Rick rowing Tim's boat with Patsy's girlfriends Niki and Gaby

AUGUST 6: Increased toilet paper from 6 per groover to 8 per groover... girls will be girls.

AUGUST 18: Made a decision on a group expense. Our major first aid kit is rented from Canyon REO and only contains the minimum requirements. We have purchased an EPI Pen for the gooup at $140. Niki will pick it up in Canada sans prescription.

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